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Immicolia will approve...

So several months ago Immicolia wrote a ficlet where Bolger was actually a girl. And that led to me getting ideas about teenage!female!pregnant!Bolger. And THEN I got ideas about him actually being FtM transgender, so naturally pregnancy and a baby would just remind him that he was born in the wrong body and there's nobody in Satellite who could fix it. Which was one of the reasons he wanted to get OUT of Satellite so badly, but Pearson was all, "You don't need to have surgery for me to accept you as a man! :D"
And then on a whim, I looked up Crow's pet orphans to see if any of them had any resemblance to Bolger, and actually one of them did!


Second one from the left. His name is Taiga, according to the Wikia.

And THEN I pretty much forgot about all this...until last night when I dreamed about it. My dreams do tend to stir up old plot bunnies like that.

Will I actually write any of this? Who knows? Probably not, though...

Oh, and what if Bolger gets out of jail and decides to have some "father-son time" with Taiga? I suspect that Taiga would start to ask questions pretty quickly. Like, "How do you know for SURE that you're my father?"
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