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Killing-Each-Other-Games Not On Motorcycles!

Sooo...I am currently at the beginning of the third chapter of The Hunger Games. I figured I'd try it since everyone was talking about and the plot sounded more interesting than Twilight. And already, I want a crossover fic where Katniss and Crow have a "My post-apocalyptic world is worse than yours" argument. Though as of now I think Crow's got this in the bag. Killing-Each-Other Games or not, the Hunger Games protagonist was able to go to school. Also, she only had her mom and sister to take care of, and not a string of Pet Orphans. Since I just barely started the book, this may be a premature judgment not to mention that Hunger Games seems to be way farther into the future than 5D's is, but I'll keep everyone updated on crackish crossover fic potential!
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