dancingkirby (dancingkirby) wrote,

Divine's long-lost brother in Pokemon!

Okay, maybe it's more like second cousin once removed.


Oh god...this episode. I haven't seen it in at least a decade! The Orange Islands was by far my favorite season, mostly because of Tracey. Nerd love! <3 I was so sad that he didn't get to stay longer; I much preferred him over Brock...but anyway. This episode. It really freaked me out back in the day. I had this whole story when I was like eleven about Rudy actually being a pedophile who lured his young daughter sister into that whirlpool as bait. Well, I'm so weird now, wouldn't you expect me to have been a weird kid?

And now, I've just realized how much he reminds me of Divine. With all those followers, and a preference for red-headed girls with strong personalities...I'm glad Misty was able to resist him! I still think he's a huge perv. Apparently, in Electric Tales of Pikachu he was a crossdresser, but everything's weird in that manga. And now, I'm thinking of Divine crossdressing, so I guess it's back to
the episode!

EDIT: Also, this episode was the one with the immortal "The target is right in our faces!" One of the best dub Team Rocket lines EVAR. XDD
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