dancingkirby (dancingkirby) wrote,

Ladies and Gentleman, please stand back...

...and I would advise you to wear hard-hats in case of flying debris. Or, in other words, I think I'm going to attempt a 50 Sentences fill for DivinexAki! I'm not sure yet how successful this will be...I claimed Orangeshipping from the Pokemon fandom several months ago, but couldn't get anything started and just let it expire.

In other news, I very unwillingly have a new computer. My old one just refused to turn on, so now I have this piece-of-shit used computer that I think is well over five years old. It refuses to read Japanese type no matter what encoding I do, and I have to tap the apostrophe key REALLY hard to get it to work.

Well, at least the Janime stuff was transferred onto here.
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